Maths Week 2016


As you may know next Monday marks the start of Maths Week 2016 and we have an action packed programme to celebrate Maths in our school!!

On Monday we have Maths Trails Day. Children from all classes will take part in maths trails around their classroom and school playground, yard and garden.

Tuesday is Maths Puzzles Day. Children will work in small groups to solve age appropriate puzzles and riddles.

Thursday is Maths Games Day. Children will play board games with children from different classes learning maths in a fun and enjoyable way playing games from Snakes and Ladders to Addition Bingo.

Finally on Friday we will play Maths games from other parts of the world. This will also tie in with our 6th Green Flag on Global Citizenship. Ms. Henry has prepared games from the 4 corners of the globe.

It promises to be a great week with lots of hands on activities and promoting maths as a fun and enjoyable activity. If any parents would like to get involved please contact your child’s teacher and remember playing board games at home is family fun time and good for maths too!!