Suitable Books for Junior and Senior Infants

This is a list of suitable books for 1st and 2nd class children. Parents are advised to check that the book is at a suitable level for their child before they read it. Some children may need books at an easier level or a more difficult level depending on each child. Below is a good way to check if the book is suitable for your child.  Read one page of a book. Raise one finger for each word on the page that you don’t know.


This book is easy for you to read. Have fun!


This book is just right for you. Enjoy your reading.


This book is challenging, but you may still enjoy it. Try it!


This book will be very challenging. Read with a partner and/or a dictionary handy.


This book is probably too hard to be fun. Save it for later, or read it with an adult who can help you.

1. Handa’s Surprise. Eileen Browne                                                                2.The Gruffalo. Julia Donaldson                                                                               3. Farmer Duck. Martin Waddell                                                                             4. Owl Babies. Martin Waddell                                                                                 5. Peace at Last. Jill Murphy                                                                                        6. Come on Daisy. Jane Simmons                                                                              7. Daisy and the Egg. Jane Simmons                                                                       8. Fred. Linda Jennings                                                                                                    9. Rosie’s Walk. Pat Hutchins                                                                                  10. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Michael Rosen                                        11. Walking through the Jungle. Julie Lacome                                             12. Each Peach Pear Plum. Alan Ahlberg                                                          13. Ten in the Bed. Penny Dale                                                                                 14. I Love Animals. Flora McDonnell                                                                         15. Not Now. Bernard David McKee                                                                      16. A Dark, Dark Tale. Ruth Brown                                                                     17. The Pig in the Pond. Martin Waddell

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