Promoting Maths

We are currently undertaking a number of initiatives to promote Maths in our school

For 6 weeks every year we are holding a “Maths for Fun Hour”. This is where the children will play maths games at different stations in the classroom. Parents are invited in to facilitate some of the stations.

We enter the MATHLetes initiative every year with 4th 5th and 6th class. This is completed on the ipads on Khan Academy and features online tutorials for children who are having difficulty. It also sends a report to the class teacher every week on how the children are doing and informs the teacher on the topics the children are having difficulty with.. The children really enjoy it and the weekly leaderboards are a huge motivator for children.

We have purchased 20 ipads for use throughout the school for the children to play maths games and complete MATHLetes. Children play Maths games involving adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, fractions and much more.

We have purchased a lot of measuring equipment to give the children more hands on opportunities when doing the measuring strands of the curriculum. This includes meter sticks, trundle wheels, rulers, clocks, measuring beakers, weights, weighing scales, balances, etc.

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